> > All Purpose is Tanguy de Lamotte's technical partner since more than 10 years

Tanguy de Lamotte Initiatives Coeur in Route du Rhum Race in IMOCA 60

All Purpose is Tanguy de Lamotte's technical partner since more than 10 years

Since more than 10 years, All Purpose supports all Tanguy de Lamotte's sails projects, from mini 6.50 to Class40 and to IMOCA 60. This collaboration continues with the development of a complete set of sails for the new Initiative Coeur IMOCA 60 for Vendée Globe 2016.

In IMOCA 60, All Purpose's objective is clear and the sailmakers provide the means to match up the goals :

  • Compete Cuben Fiber on light sails such as gennaker and 3Di on main sails and gibs.
    All Purpose sailmakers, hand in hand with Trilam, intend to show that they outperform their competitors with sails 'fully made in France', specially designed for IMOCA 60.

Optimising sails for IMOCA 60 : reliable, light, responsive

At the end of the Vendée Globe 2012, in which Tanguy de Lamotte has tested and validated 2 All Purpose gennakers, we concluded that the two main objectives were achieved: sails are reliable and easy to use in solo. Read more about Vendée Globe 2012
For the Route du Rhum 2014, 3 sails were developped in Trilam for the new IMOCA 60 Inititaives Coeur, Vincent Riou's former boat, ex-PRB, a Farr design built in 2006 :
  • J3 (staysail)
  • Code 0 (reacher)
  • A3 (gennaker)
Sails are a bit lighter than the Cuben Fiber. It remains to validate their reliability and responsiveness at the end of the Route du Rhum.

Projet management :

The new cooperation agreement between All Purpose and Tanguy de Lamotte was signed for 3 years, leading to the development of a set of sails for the Vendée Globe in 2016. 

  • 1-30 June 2014 : Analysis of the former sails while sailing
  • 1-8 July : Definition of specifications for the 3 sails for Route du Rhum
  • 8 July - 5 August :  Sails design, structural analysis with Peter Hepel, membranes manufacture
  • 15 August : Sails delivery, tests and validation

After the Route du Rhum, All Purpose and Trilam investissement continue with the manufacture of  "test" sail.

Aiming to Vendée Globe 2016

« The Route du Rhum looks like European Championship before World Cup. I can get one step closer to my ultimate goal : Vendée Globe 2016. » says Tanguy de Lamotte. 

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