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A good example of partnership between the skipper, the architect, the shipyard, the mast's manufacturer and the sailmaker.

Portrait of a Mach40 successfull project

Jorg Riechers has won the Solidaire du Chocolat on Mare, Aloys Claquin is 2011 World Champion of Class 40 on Jack in the Box. These are the first two Mach40 Plan Manuard, fitted with sails All Purpose...

Before taking the start of the Transat 650, Jorg Riechers, All Purpose historic customer, has ordered the set of sails of his future Class40 whose production began in September 2011. 

Previously, Aloys Claquin did the same at the beginning of 2011 for its new Mach40 "Jack in the box". 


The design of the sails of these boats, even before their construction, was made possible by the excellent relations between the skipper, JPS Production , the architect Sam Manuard, the mast's   manufacturer, Eric Duchemin (Axxon)  and All Purpose.

Information exchange between partners on the rig in particular, have helped make improvements to the concept such as a masthead calculated to carry large reaching sails , or a change in the position of the anchorages D1 (lower shrouds) to optimize the sail surfaces distribution between the mainsail and solent, in respect of the Class40 regulation. 

Vue 3D Sail Pack du Mach40 sous GV, génois et gennaker

Manufacture of the set of sails 

Trilam ® membran for the mainsail is directly derived from a long development done by CLM and All Purpose for the Global Ocean Race. This membrane is composed of very thin Dyneema fibers   prestressed to minimize creep, allied to the Black Technora. This lamination has excellent resistance, outstanding dimensional stability as well as UV resistance, main qualities for offshore racing. 

Jorg's set of sail has been adapted to the qualities of the boat discovered during the 2011 World Benodet. 

Results on water 

After Aloys Claquin 's victory on the "Mondial Class40" , Jorg Riechers and Marc Lepesqueux won the "Solidaire du Chocolat" on Mare ! Read about the victory of Mare  Lire l'article sur la victoire de Mare

Testimony of Tanguy de Lamotte, winner of the Rolex Fastnet Race in 2011  

"Rémi Aubrun designed the sails of my first mini and now he draws for my Class 40. Our collaboration was very constructive. We sail together, and together we do all development work. The shapes of the sails are studied depending on how I feel on the water. It is through this bond that we progress. " Read about the victory of Tanguy de Lamotte ." Lire l'article sur la victoire de Tanguy de Lamotte

The all set of sails:

Zoom sur le 1er ris d'écoute de la GV

  • Mainsail - 65m ² - Dyneema - Black Technora Trilam ®  Membran 
  • Solent - 50m ² -  Vectran - Black Technora Trilam ®  Membran 
  • Storm jib - 12m ² - Laminated Polyester
  • Genoa furler - 70m ² - Polyester Trilam ®   Membran12000 dpi
  • Gennaker - 95m ² - Polyester Trilam ® Membran 9000 dpi  
  • Medium spinnaker, masthead with a reef - 140m ² -  Nylon
  • Maximum Spi - 190m ² - Nylon 


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