Permissive and secret rules


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Spi Ouest France (SNT)

Spi Ouest France 2013

IRC2  1. Patton Courrier Vintage G. Trentesaux
           5. Pen Koent Emmanuel Le Men
IRC 3 1. JPK 1010 Léon Jean Pierre Kelbert
           2. Sun Odyssey 40 Charette3 Bourderau
IRC 4A  1. Brittany Drizzle B. Fournier Le Ray
              2. X 332 Nambas J.Amedeo
IRC 4 B 6. Elan 31 Téthys Gallet
              7 (first J24) Insularis A.Garcia

2012 overall results
IRC1    5. carrières Lessard A40 RC Jm. Lessard
IRC2    1. Pen Koent Emmanuel Le Men
             5. Courrier Vintage G. Trentesaux
IRC4    5. Brittany Drizzle B. Fournier Le Ray
            9. Insularis (premier J24) A.Garcia

IRC is a measurement system designed to cover a wide range of racing and cruising monohulls by attributing a rating based on corrected time, enabling them to race against each other on an equal footing. The rules are co-managed by the RORC in Great Britain and UNCL in France.


Permissive and secret rules


Each yacht has a handicap (TCC) calculated on the basis of various measurements on the boat, it’s size, bow, keel, displacement, sail area…

The calculation method is secret in order to prevent designers from exploiting potential loopholes in the rules. 
From a competitor’s point of view, the aim is of course to have the lowest possible handicap and the fastest boat. 
In 2012, there were some rule changes relating to sails:
  • Removal of a minimum luff curve for mainsails and headsails
  • Modification of the definition of LP (width of luff perpendicular of the biggest headsail on board)

All Purpose: a team of experts and sailors are dedicated to optimising IRC sails

All Purpose works constantly on the optimisation of IRC sails. Every change is submitted to the IRC Rating Office which calculates the new TCC.
The entire team at the loft races in IRC. Brice, Julien and Rémi are available to skippers to help optimise sail trim and configurations for IRC.
François has sailed for many years with Géry Trenteseaux on his various "Courrier" boats. They have won prestigious accolades including "Yacht of the Year" and the RORC championship, won the Commodore's Cup, the Fastnet, Spi Ouest France as well as IRC championships.
MC34 Patton skipped by Géry Trenteseaux  (Marsaudon Composites shipyard) Courrier Vintage won IRC Two in the 2013 RORC season, including the Rolex Fastnet Race and Spi Ouest France, and was second overall.   "Courrier Vintage" won the title of RORC "Yacht of the Year 2013" and the UNCL title "Bateau IRC 2013".

Well-attended events throughout the year and good results for All Purpose sails

40 clubs in France organise IRC-UNCL events.

In the La Trinité-sur-Mer area, the top boats battle it out against each other at events such as Spi Ouest France, the Grand Prix du Crouesty, and the Obélix Trophy in Bénodet.
The Atlantic, Mediterranean and Channel Trophies reward the best results of the year. In 2011, three All Purpose customers won the Atlantic Trophy :
  • Carrieres Lessard in IRC 1
  • Pen Koent (Grand voile Trilam) in IRC 2
  • Best Composite-Nautymor in IRC 5


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