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A lot of research and development of sails

Mini 650

Results of All Purpose sails in Mini-Transat 6.50 :

  • Transat 2013 :
    Proto : 2 & 4
    Série : 2, 3 & 4 (All Purpose placed 9 boats out of the 10 first ones!)
  • Transat 2011 :
    Proto : 2, 3 & 4
    Série : 1, 3 & 4
  • Transat 2009 :
    Proto : 1, 2 & 4
    Série : 2, 3 & 4

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The force of All Purpose in the Mini 6.50 Class: dedicated involvement for over 13 years and the trust of competitors

A very active class with 500 members

The high membership numbers are indicative of the dynamism of this type of boat, which is barely 6.50 meters long, over-canvassed, fun and powerful.

A training ground for offshore racing

Many competitors have cut their teeth in the Mini 6.50 class before moving on to the Figaro, Class40 or IMOCA Open 60 fleets. 

A laboratory for innovation both in boat design and sailmaking

Due to the open nature of the class rules, a great deal of research and development goes into sails, fabric and shape. 

Big events throughout the year and the solo Transat 6.50 every 2 years

In the 2013 edition of the Transat 6.50, there were 72 boats on the start line of the 4000 mile solo race from Douarnenez to Pointe à Pitre.

The force of All Purpose in the Mini 6.50 Class: dedicated involvement for over 13 years and the trust of competitors

With a Transat and numerous Mini 6.50 races to his name, Rémi Aubrun is a regular on the pontoons: "My involvement with the Mini 6.50 circuit is first and foremost for my own enjoyment. But I obviously dedicate time ashore to the design of the sails for my boat. This enables us to reinforce our presence on this circuit and to come up with new sails plans. For example, I worked on the development of a big convertible gennaker which I can hoist differently from the tack. It provided me with a big gennaker for light airs and a spinnaker for heavy airs!

The Mini 6.50 is an essential development platform for All Purpose. For 13 years now, the loft has put in a lot of effort and maintained a close working relationship with competitors in this class, as they like experimenting with innovative solutions, sometimes even risky ones, to improve performance. 

Thanks to them, we have perfected the reefable spinnaker, we have manufactured lighter membranes (sometimes too light!), we have developed multi-purpose sails, and we have tested daring shapes and geometry.
The work undertaken in this wonderful class has in turn benefited other classes such as Class40 and IRC.
Young competitors come to All Purpose at the beginning of their careers and stay loyal to the sail loft when they switch classes.
Their results speak for themselves!

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