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One-design sport and fun

Open 7.50

Referred to as "sport boats" or "open boats" or even "sleds". Over the past few years, they have revolutionised keelboat racing.

 Fast & fun: the Open 7.50 planes at 20 knots!

The Open 7.50 is built by JPS to a Finot design.
A symmetrical 7.50 m long hull, with a width of 3 m, a keel, two carbon rudders, a rotating wing mast, these are what make the Open 7.50 such a success: a fast and stable sled… an entertaining box of thrills  for professional and talented amateur sailors alike!

The Open 7.50 Class was founded in 1998

The key principle of the class is its one-design nature for sporting equity at events.
To date, no less than twenty nine Open 7.50s have been built, and the majority of them race.

The race calendar of the Open 7.50 Class

Open 7.50s race at Spi Ouest France, the Grand Prix Guyader in Douarnenez, the Grand Prix de l'Ecole Navale in Lanveoc-Poulmic, the Normandy Sailing Week in Le Havre, the Open Mach Race d'Arcachon, the Open Mach Trophy in La Trinité sur Mer, the Atlantique Le Telegramme in Lorient...