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AP Canvas & Upholstery is a subsidiary of All Purpose Sails and a member of the All Purpose Group. The company has built its reputation in the marine industry, the automotive industry and in furnishings. Tailor-made, high quality and upmarket are the key attributes of AP Canvas & Upholstery.

AP Canvas & Upholstery currently has four employees and is developing its highly specific expertise in the marine industry, the automotive industry and in furnishings. The arrival of Adrian Bourdin, manager and shareholder, has given new momentum to this Breton company known for the quality of its work and its Hot Couture label. 

In the marine industry, AP Canvas & Upholstery produces high-quality products using the best materials, either as limited series or tailor-made.

Upholstery for sailing boats and motorboats, cushions for superyachts, cabin mattresses, curtains and canvas dodgers are all highly specific products. 
Designed to be waterproof, the products designed by AP Canvas & Upholstery have a class that lends them style and elegance.
AP Canvas & Upholstery constantly adapts its expertise to new technologies with partners such as Groupama, Sodebo, Gitana Team and Orange. The company also produces more conventional upholstery on production boats and custom boats.
Partnerships have also been forged with major boat builders, including Smartboat, JPK, RANGEBOAT, Iguana Yachts, Marine Technology, Alphena and Arcoa Multiplast.
AP Sellerie intérieur de yacht AP Sellerie Intérieur de yacht

Designer furnishing for a customised interior layout

For living areas, AP Canvas & Upholstery puts its experience and expertise into the interior layout of yachts. Using the finest materials, AP Canvas designs and manufactures tailor-made cushions and benches for individuals and for the hotel industry. 95% of the company’s output is in one-off creations.
AP Canvas offers its customers a wide choice of materials (leather, imitation leather, silk ...) and colours to meet their needs. The company works with carpenters and furniture designers to produce highly original pieces, taking inspiration from the 1950s all the way through to today.
Meeting the requirements of the marine industry, as the company has been doing for many years, demonstrates its great flexibility. Crafting items where there is no single standard measurement requires discipline and expertise.
It is this specific expertise developed by artisan upholsterers which the company applies to interior design and the comfort of the living space. 
Its creations are also intended to be passed from generation to generation, in the way that old Voltaire chairs have passed down the centuries and are still with us today.
The following have placed their trust in AP: Café de L'homme in Paris, quartier du Trocadero; L'Etage in La Trinité-sur-Mer. And numerous individuals too ...

Automobile upholstery

To respond to specific demand, AP Canvas & Upholstery, a subsidiary of All Purpose Sails, has hired a highly specialised employee to expand its business to include car upholstery.
"Working materials such as leather requires a level of expertise and technological means that we have here in Brech, explains François Lamiot, sales manager of the company. Our small team, which has just grown bigger, produces upholstery for cars with great care and application, be they vintage, upmarket or recent. This part of the business is both challenging and rewarding because the materials we use are of high quality and the work is precise and meticulous."
AP Canvas & Upholstery pays particular attention to the disassembly and assembly of parts. The technique is somewhat similar to that used for boat upholstery, except that the materials may be different. The quality of foam is reinforced to achieve a firmer and more abrasion-resistant seat. In order to provide "tailored" products, All Purpose Canvas & Upholstery has a wide range of materials, colours and textures in durable materials. 
In the automotive field, a large number of customers hail from Brittany.
"Most of the vintage cars need a service close to home. We are here to respond to this requirement because the region has many collectors and lovers of beautiful cars. "
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