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Good shape-holding and longevity of All Purpose cruising sails

Large cruising yachts and exceptional yachts

For maxi cruising yachts:  spectra membrane

The Spectra membrane for maxi cruising yachts is the result of 3 years of testing by All purpose and CLM.

Maxi yacht de croisière équipé de voiles All Purpose en spectra

The properties of Spectra make it resistant to UV rays, folding and tearing.
This fibre is however very difficult to laminate and glue. CLM therefore created new glues!
The 75 ft yacht built by Garcia (see photo) is equipped with a Spectra sail wardrobe from All Purpose
  • Mainsail: 120 m² in 40 000 D.P.I. spectra
  • Genoa: 140 m² in 25 000 D.P.I. spectra
  • Solent: 60 m² in 40 000 D.P.I. spectra

Good shape holding and longevity of All Purpose cruising sails

Maxi-Yacht Plan Briand 78 pieds Voiles All Purpose spectra

After a year of cruising in the Caribbean, this 80 ft Briand design (see photo) equipped with All Purpose Spectra sails returned to its home port in the Mediterranean.
We were able to verify that the Trilam® TDS (100% Spectra grey double taffeta) delivered total satisfaction for the owner and crew, and other than reinforcing a few chafe points, there were no modifications or work to be done on the sails. 
The customer congratulated us on the shape-holding of his sails, their look and particularly the quality of build.



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