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Close up on Mach 6.5

Fabrication details of the Mach 6.5 mainsail

Mach 6.5 is a sport boat : beautiful slides with 57 m² spinnaker, good upwind to buoy No. 1, she is easy and gives a lot of thrills.

The last 3 years, the Sail Loft is well placed in this series. we used              the work done in mini 6.50 as  a database to develop our sails. the connection between the different series is real. It is needed to progress. 

The batten pockets are enhanced by an anti-chafe reinforced in monofilm. This isotropic material, also stabilizes batten's horizontal load.
The batten tension is carried out in a plastic fitting batten end.     

 To save weight, the sails  layout of one design boats are very neat. This work is made possible by our knowledge of the Mach 650 and of our sail design software "Sailpack". 


Amure de grand-voile de Mach 650 All Purpose Point de drisse grand-voile Mach 650 All Purpose

Mainsail cunningham 

Mainsail  Head point

Ralingue grand-voile Mach 650 All Purpose

The luffs ropes

All luffs ropes are produced at the sail loft

They are built of a tightrope. Local Teflon tape reinforcements comes on shafing spots : start of luff track, full battens and head of sail.  









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