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JPK 10.10 Leo won the 2012 Atlantic Duo

All Purpose sails in Atlantic Duo 2012

Issued on28.06.2012

Total success both on water and ashore for this race doublehanded race. 50 boats and six legs from La Trinité, Belle Ile, Concarneau and Benodet from June 17 to 22 have been completed in this 2012 Duo Atlantic in various conditions: no wind at the beginning, medium brise in midweek, and strong gust the last two days.

Just like previous editions, the final victory was played between the Sun Fast 3200 and JPK 10.10.

Victory Leo JPK 10.10

 At this game, Jean Pierre Kelber and   Tanguy Leglatin the JPK 10.10 Léon impressed everyone. Alxays on good moves, enjoying  good speed, they have built their victory with regularity (2, 2, 10, 1, 7 and 1).
 The two skippers did not fail to mention the fast set of sails made of ​​Trilam All Purpose ® Twaron /Black Technora .
To read about the site JPK: Race narrated by Jean-Pierre Kelbert

The A35 Realax won 3 races in real time

Do not forget the good performance of Jean Yves Le Goff and Brice Berthier on the A35 Realax who finished eighth. With one of the six largest ratings of the fleet, it was difficult to defend on corrected time compared to other "small boat" with a similar speed in many cases! However, they won three legs over six. Realax is also equipped with sails Trilam ® All Purpose Twaron / Technora Blach. 

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