All Purpose cruising sails for Centurion 32

The sailing programm ; cruising, race, regatta

05 June 2019

The Centurion 32 yacht, reference of the French shipyard Wauquier, produced between 1968 and 1977, is famous for its timeless design and its high construction quality. It was originally designed to round Cape Horn! br />The proud owner of this Centurion 32 has equipped his boat with a new mast and new sails made in France by All Purpose.

Slate-blue All Purpose sails!

Made in membrane TDBT, Trilam® Dyneema® / Black Technora® by All Purpose La Trinité Carnac, the sails are state-blue. The owner is particularly proud of this choice: "my sailboat - a boat of legend! - should be remarkable on the water. I took part in a rally wih other Wauquier boats, and all found my boat very beautiful: magnificent!".

New sailing performances

In terms of performance, the owner feels as he has changed his boat the sensations are so different! "It’s a treat! With its new sails, my boat performs in all weather. It has become soft and powerful. At 8 knots of wind, it flies away (all proportion guarded!)".

The programm ; cruising, race, regatta

The owner sails for cruising purposes or takes part to classic sailing regatta, with family or friends.
In 2016, he took part in the Plymouth-La Rochelle race in the "classic" category.
This year, the boat who usually sails in Quiberon Bay, will join La Rochelle with a crew of 4 friends. In 2020, the blue sails will sail towards Scotland. No doubt it will be sporty cruising!

The sailboat is perfectly prepared for the expedition. The owner needs to add one more headsail.

Quality sails

With great enthusiasm, the owner does not fail to warmly recommend All Purpose: "quality sails!"

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