Advice on sail use and maintenance

To prolong the life of your sails

In order to preserve your sails from premature aging and wear, there are a few precautions worth taking during and after use.

When using your sails :

Avoid letting your sails flog too long without reason as this can quickly lead to deterioration of the fabric and it can even tear. 

Use the sail in the range for which it is designed, and not in more wind than it was built for. If you do, you risk prematurely distorting the fabric or even tearing it.

After each use :

  • Ease the leech lines and foot lines.
  • Roll the sail as a matter of preference (parallel to the battens or foot) or flake it loosely to avoid damaging the fibres.
  • Store it in a suitable bag.

If a sail will not be used for a long time :

  • Untension the battens to ease the load on the batten pockets.
  • Rinse and dry the sail.
  • Store the sail in a cool, dry location

Also remember to protect your sails from Ultra-Violet (UV) rays when you are not sailing. The deterioration caused by the sun and the moon are irreversible and considerably speed up the aging process of sails. Use a boom cover when your mainsail is flaked on the boom and a genoa sock cover for your furling genoa.

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