Racing Headsails

Headsails for racing sailboats, gennaker, genoa, jib, heavy-weather jib…

Whether inshore or offshore, every campaign is unique. Each sail is designed to meet your requirements: gennaker, genoa, jib, heavy-weather jib…
Trilam® technology offers a multitude of solutions such as TDBT Trilam® Dyneema® / Black Technora
All our sails are designed and manufactured in France.

Plan génois inshore Trilam®

Inshore Racing Headsails

Membrane Racing Headsails in Trilam® Dyneema® / Black Technora

  • Suitable for all sizes of boat
  • Light and responsive
  • Great shape retention
  • Limited longevity
  • Also available in Polyester Pentex for small boats




Tri-radial Headsails

Plan génois inshore triradial


Voiles d'avant coupe triradiale en panneaux

  • For boats up to 45 ft
  • Also available in Kevlar, Polyester and Pentex
  • Slightly cheaper than Trilam® membrane
  • Basic shape retention
  • Good longevity




Plan génois Trilam®  Vectran Black Technora


Trilam® TDBT Trilam® mambrane Headsails Vectran® / Black Technora®

  • Suitable for all sizes of boat
  • Responsive
  • Nervosity
  • Good longevity;
  • Great shape retention over time




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