Mini 6.50 Offshore Racing Headsail assembly

Portrait of a Mini 6.50 headsail

See how Mini 6.50 headsails are built. The zip option is available on offshore solents.
All our sails are designed and manufactured in France, in All Purpose sail lofts.

Fabrication foc à zip course offshore mini 650

Zipped reef

Offshore racing solents can be fitted with a zip. This ensures good foot shape while sailing. 

When sails are reefed, the fabric below the reef takes a battering. With this solution, the whole foot of the sail is protected.

There is a strop at the reef clew to prevent the zip from opening. The zip is plastic to prevent oxidation.


Fabrication foc à zip course offshore mini 650 guindant latte


For the luff, there are numerous options: soft hanks, tenax, Wichard shackles, or piston shackles depending on your preference. 

The luff bolt rope is fully integrated into the luff to prevent the eyelets from slipping.

There is an additional Dacron reinforcement beneath each eyelet for the same reason.




Fabrication foc à zip course offshore mini 650 point d'écoute


The clew webbing radiates out to spread the load from the leech to the foot. 

The leech line and foot line are fitted with elastic to prevent them from catching on anything during manoeuvres.


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