Sails for Maxi-Yachts

All Purpose sail loft at the service of large sailing vessels

In the maxi yacht category, All Purpose is well positioned against big international sail lofts to equip large sailing vessels thanks to significant work on research and development.
All Purpose’s new facility at La Trinité Carnac has been designed to build XXL sized sails.

For maxi cruising yachts : Dyneema Black Technora® membrane

This membrane for maxi cruising yachts is the result of several years of testing by All purpose and CLM.

The properties of Dynema® make it resistant to UV rays, folding and tearing.

Good shape-holding and longevity of All Purpose cruising sails

After a year of cruising in the Caribbean, this 80 ft Briand design Whimzy equipped with All Purpose TDBT Trilam® Dyneema® / Black Technora® sails (delivered by All Purpose La Trinité Carnac directly to the Caribbean!) returned to its home port in the Mediterranean. After checking, we were able to verify that the sails delivered total satisfaction and the owner and the crew congratulated us on the shape-holding of his sails, their look and particularly on the quality of build.

New sails for legendary sailing ships : Pen Duick Tabarly's yachts and 12M JI France

All Purpose equips Pen Duick Classic yachts

All Purpose equips the Pen Duick sailing ships with sails that comply with the requirements given by Eric Tabarly. The legendary sailing boats are equipped with All Purpose sails identical to the original. Read more about Pen Duick new sails.

12M JI France was refitted with new All Purpose sails

Restored to its original aspect, with a new mainsail, a light genoa, a heavy genoa and an All Purpose "short foot", the 12M JI France takes part in classic sailing events. In 2019, France was equipped with a new mainsail for medium wind. Read more about 12 MJI new sails.

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