All Purpose sails for IMOCA 60s

Innovation and development of sails for foilers

13 September 2019

IMOCA 60's class is a wonderful laboratory for All Purpose sailmakers who continue to develop sails in collaboration with competitors.

All Purpose innovations for IMOCA 60s

Sails for foilers and gennakers without anti twist torque rope 

All Purpose designs specific sails for IMOCA 60s equipped with foils, develops sails made with TPI Trilam® "Précontrain Isotrope", gennaker without anti twist torque rope...

The first gennaker without anti twist torque rope equips Damien Seguin's IMOCA. Weighing 47kg all inclusive, the cable-free gennaker provides a very encouraging weight gain.

2019 is a key year in which the IMOCA 60s are striving for optimization. All Purpose sail loft is very busy delivering the new sails for competitors looking for a qualification for the next Vendée Globe.

All Purpose's sails for IMOCA 60s : 6 IMOCA 60s equipped with All Purpose sails will take part to Vendée Globe 2020.

  • Samantha Davies Initiatives Coeur 
  • Stéphane Le Diraison Time for Oceans
  • Manuel Cousin Groupe Setin
  • Damien Seguin Groupe APICIL
  • Miranda Merron Campagne de France
  • Isabelle Joschke MACSF

A very busy season for All Purpose and IMOCA 60s' sailors!

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