La Trinité Carnac Sail Loft : The new premises in Carnac have double the surface area.

Customer service is a priority!

The new premises in Carnac have double the surface area to meet the demands of this growing loft and to better serve customers.

700m² first floor for sail manufacture

The first floor features a 700m² loft floor entirely dedicated to the manufacture of new sails of all kinds and all sizes, including XXL!

330m² ground floor for repair and canvas & upholstery service

On the ground floor, the 330m² service floor is big enough to repair sails of any size, including those of superyachts.

Also on the ground floor is an area dedicated to the canvas and upholstery service. 

Customer access at any time: outside, there is a secure, protected locale where our customers can at any time store sails to be repaired or collect sails, especially during weekends, and before or after regattas.

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