Quiberon has its All Purpose workshop!

Second site of All Purpose Carnac sailmakers

21 February 2023

Since the end of last summer, the sailmaker All Purpose Carnac has a workshop in Quiberon.

Thanks to the workshop located on the site of the ENVSN, the sailmaker All Purpose Carnac extends its proximity service, allowing cruisers and sailors of Port Haliguen to repair their sails easily, without having to travel far.

Thomas has left the floor of Carnac for the one of Quiberon where he will be able to put his expertise at your service but also at the service of the ENVSN by participating in the design and maintenance of their equipment as well as by transmitting his knowledge to the trainees.

Do not hesitate to call him at or to send him an e-mail at envsn@allpurpose.fr.

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