Route du Rhum : 12 skippers set All Purpose sails in Class40

43 Class 40 in the Route du Rhum

24 October 2014

The attractive Class40 has registered 43 boats on the start of the Route du Rhum. Among them, 12 trust All Purpose sails. It is the result of a hand in hand collaboration between the sailmakers and the skippers.

All Purpose sailmakers are proud to support 12 Class40 in their project to take part to the Route du Rhum 2014.

- Skippers coming from Mini 6.50 : Pierre-Yves Lautrou, Brieuc Maisonneuve, Pierre Brasseur, Stéphane le Diraison, and Giancarlo Pedote, 2014 leader of Proto 6.50 class championship, new entrant in Class40.

- Round-the-world sailors : Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron

- 2 "latest-generation" Class40 : 2 Pogo 40 S3 "Campagne 2 France" and "L'Express Trepia"

- One gold medalist : Jean Galfione

- Informed amateurs and pros, favorites and outsiders, All Purpose team wish all of them the very best!

Collaboration and cooperation between All Purpose and the skippers

All Purpose reaps the beneficits of a long-term work on water, during speed test and race.

Follow these competitors in the Route du Rhum

  • Miranda Merron Campagne de France
  • Halvard Mabire Campagne 2 France
  • Pierre-Yves Lautrou L'Express Trepia
  • Brieuc Maisonneuve Groupement Flo
  • Giancarlo Pedote Fantastica
  • Olivier Roussey Obportus Conseil Régional de Lorraine
  • Stéphane le Diraison IXBlue BRS
  • Jean Galfione Serenis Consulting
  • Pierre Brasseur Matouba
  • Jean-Edouard Criquioche Région Haute Normandie
  • Louis Duc Advanced Energy Carac
  • Vincent Lantin Vanetys - Le Slip Français
  • Tanguy de Lamotte Initiatives Coeur 


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