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  • GV Patton 34 ©

    05 April 2012

    An example of sails' optimisation work for IRC

    All Purpose has worked on Patton MC34 "Courrier Vintage" sails : shapes and geometry in order to solve a problem of lack of balance...

  • Exemple de Trilam® sur Génois ©

    20 March 2012

    Trilam® multiaxial fibres

    CLM together with All Purpose, develop Trilam® patented membranes, with multiaxial fibres

  • Courrier Zen Géry Trentesaux a remporté le Spi Ouest France 2010 en IRC1 ©Eric Rousseau Velox Images

    20 April 2010

    Spi Ouest France 2010

    Victory of Courrier Zen skippered by Géry Trentesaux in IRC1. Victory of J105 Stéphane Blanchar. Second place for Brittany Drizzle in IRC4.