Fabrication details of Mini 650 mainsail

Close up on Mini 650 mainsail

It’s the little details which make the difference and are appreciated by competitors… Close working relationship with the sailors and trials on the water enable to manufacture performing sails for mini 650.

Square top mainsails

The mainsail horn (1700 mm in series) is striped with high tenacity fibers.

This reinforcement ensures equal spreading of the load and remains much lighter than a conventional woven reinforcement. The weight gain in the top of the sail is consequent.

Double cable luff used in Mini 650 mainsail have proved their worth

The second rope protects the masts from battens' compression. Taking the reef is more easy.

Zoom sur la ralingue de GV Mini 650 série







Zoom sur le point d'écoute GV Mini 650Clew






Zoom sur le ris d'écoute de GV Mini 650 sérieReefed clew







Zoom sur le riz d'amure de GV Mini 650 série

Inboard reef point



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