Racing Mainsail for inshore and offshore racing

All Purpose Mainsail made in membrane Trilam® Dyneema® / Black Technora®, Kevlar, Polyester...

Each sail is adapted to suit your needs : offshore or inshore racing, regatta..
Trilam ® technology allows a multitude of combinations. Every All Purpose sail loft designs and manufactures Mainsails in France using Trilam® membranes, Dyneema / Black Technora®, Kevlar, Polyester...

Inshore Racing Mainsail

Trilam® Mainsail for inshore raceTrilam ®  membrane Dyneema® / Black Technora ®


  • Suitable for all sizes of boat
  • Light and responsive
  • Good shape retention thanks to prestressed fibres
  • Good longevity
  • Also exists in Pentex Polyester for small boats









Plan GV coupe triradiale


Triradial Racing Mainsail

  • Up to 45 feet
  • Availale in Kevlar, Polyester or Pentex
  • A little cheaper than Trilam ® membrane
  • Basic shape retention
  • Good longevity




Offshore Racing Mainsail

Plan GV offshore Trilam®

Trilam® membrane Racing Mainsail Dyneema® / TDBT Black Technora®


  • Suitable for any size of boat
  • Responsive
  • Great shape retention over time thanks to prestressed fibres
  • Good longevity
  • Several weights of Taffeta or Utex available at no extra cost
  • Dyneema ® Ripstop on leech



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Trilam® membrane made in France :

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